Monday, October 26, 2009

Gluten Free Chinese in Del Mar

Del Mar Rendezvous offers Chinese and Asian food with many gluten-free options. The Gluten-free menu has over 40 items including 18 lunch specials on the Gluten-free lunch menu (11 of which are $9.95 or less). They even have gluten free soy sauce - just make sure to tell your server you are dining gluten free.

The Gluten-Free Menu is available at:

1555 Camino Del Mar
Del Mar, CA 92014
(858) 755-2669

UPDATE: I tried this place right before Thanksgiving. The food was really good. They have a gluten-free printed menu plus gluten-free soy sauce (be sure to ask for it because they also have regular soy sauce). They have a huge variety of dishes and the servings sizes allow you enough to take home for lunch the next day. The prices were reasonable too.


  1. Debbie, have you tried this place yet? If so, I'd like to hear your opinions about it.

  2. Dear Debbie,

    I recently visited this restaurant on Valentine's Day 2011. The place was pretty busy, but I made sure I explained to the waitress that I could not have any gluten. I ordered from the gluten free menu, which had a good selection.
    After two bites of the food, I imeediately became ill. The waitress verified that I had been given the wrong meal, which contained soy sauce. Even after many apologies & comping the bill, I was very disappointed as my romantic evening was ruined. I do think the waitress should have made sure I was being serveed the correct plate, especially since I notified her of my gluten allergy.

  3. Dear Debbie,

    This is Dan Schreiber, managing partner of Del Mar Rendezvous restaurant. I wanted to thank you for visiting our restaurant and taking the time to post a wonderful write-up on your blog about us. I also wanted to respond to the post above by Sherry so that people may know how awful and sorry we are about what happened on her visit to our restaurant and how serious we are about maintaining a safe dining experience for our Gluten-Free guests.

    We take the service of our Gluten-Free guests extremely seriously and do have many protocols in place to ensure that they are not given non-Gluten-Free dishes. The waitress who waited on this table was newer and I put trust in her to follow our protocols, which she did not in this instance, giving Sherry a completely different non-gluten-free dish which was not intended for her table. Apparently my trust was misplaced and the waittress was terminated immediately following this incident. That is how seriously we take the matter. I take responsibility as I hired her and had in part trained her.

    We had never had an issue in our seven year history of serving thousands of Gluten-Free dishes and we have made several adjustments in how we operate to ensure that we never have a problem again, as it is completely inconsistent with our service standards for any of our guests.

    I have apologized and spoken with Sherry since the incident but still to this day feel awful that this happened at my restaurant. I am confident now that we will never have this issue again as we have added additional protocols in our service process and become even more vigilant in our hiring and training processes.


    Daniel Shalom Schreiber
    Managing Partner, Del Mar Rendezvous