Sunday, May 10, 2009

Amazingly Delicious Brownies!

Deanna Smith, Owner of the Gluten Not Included Bakery
in Escondido, brought free brownies to the GF meeting on Saturday and they were truly amazing!! They tasted so good that there was no way to tell that they were gluten free. I'm sure if I gave one to my friends and didn't tell them they were GF, they would have no idea. They were so good that I had THREE and had to leave the room to stop eating more:)

Go visit the bakery and try the brownies and the bread!

GNI Bakery
2250 S. Escondido Blvd. #110, Escondido, CA 92025

I think they are open Mon-Sat from 9-6; extended hours plus wine/beer are coming soon.

Saturday, May 9, 2009

GF pizza in Linda Vista

Dante from zPizza was kind enough to supply the GF Support Group in San Diego with free pizza at our meeting today. He had a variety of flavors including BBQ, cheese, pepperoni and Tuscan. The crust was a thin crust but not too thin and tasted and looked great. I wouldn't have even guessed it was gluten-free! The toppings were also delicious.

The gluten-free pizzas currently only come in the 10" size and cost an additional $5. However, you should go on Mondays because it is buy 1 gluten free, get 1 GF free!

The gluten-free variety is only currently available in the San Diego area in the Linda Vista location of zPizza:

San Diego (Linda Vista/USD)
5175 Linda Vista Road
San Diego CA, 92110
F: (619) 272-0205

Betty Crocker is going Gluten Free!

BETTY CROCKER is introducing gluten free cake and cookie mixes!! They will be available in grocery stores beginning June 1st! Finally a hopefully more affordable option to more expensive mixes from Whole Foods etc. I can't wait to try them!

For more info, follow the link:

VANS frozen waffles DO contain gluten

Unfortunately, I just found out that VAN'S wheat free frozen waffles DO contain gluten... in the form of barley malt. The good news is that the company is planning on getting rid of that ingredient. The bad news is that it is still currently in the waffles. The weird part is that I've never noticed a problem with them and I eat them several times a week.

Gluten Free on American Airlines

American Airlines offers gluten free meals on its flights that actually
offer meals, i.e. mainly international. I just ordered mine for my flights
so I will report back on how they are. I was pretty impressed by
Continental's GF meals - they beat regular plane food.

Thursday, May 7, 2009

Starbucks Gluten Free at Last!!

Starbucks is finally jumping on the Gluten Free Train!!! They have their gluten-free Orange Valencia Cake in their stores. I was in a Mission Valley Starbucks yesterday and there it was!!! Each slice is individually wrapped to avoid contamination from the other baked goods. It has almonds on top so I can't eat it (nut allergy), but I'm not complaining - at least there is now an option for the rest of you! Since I became gluten-free, coffee shops have held less of an appeal because I end up getting hungry while I am there and then of course can't eat anything. This is a good step for Starbucks - hopefully the other big chains will follow suit.

Gluten Not Included

I was at Whole Foods last night and I saw that they are now carrying the Gluten Not Included bread. They had the regular and the cinnamon raisin varieties. I have not tried them yet, but I have heard that they are very good. And the bonus is that they are cheaper than the Whole Foods brand bread. I think a loaf was around $5.99.

Glutino English Muffins

I had put off buying these muffins for a long time because I'm not crazy about Glutino bread, however, I wish I hadn't waited. These muffins are great - they are light, airy, and tasty - the complete opposite of the bread! Why can't all their products be this good. The downside is the price. I paid $6.99 at Whole Foods. I need to find a cheaper place to shop.