Monday, January 3, 2011

Yummy GF Cheesecake

Last night I saw these single-serving cheesecakes at Henry's. They are made by Pamela's Products and are gluten free! They come in several flavors and I tried the New York Cheesecake one. It was so good. The cheesecake was good and the crust was good too - with a cinnamon flavor. I don't think anyone would know it was gluten-free! They are on sale right now at Henry's for 2 for $6.


  1. I tried the White Chocolate Raspberry one which was good but a little sweet for me. And I couldn't find any of the cheesecakes at the Henry's in North Park!!! That really sucks if I need to go all the way to Chula Vista for cheesecake.

  2. You should try the GF cheesecake at Jimbo's. It's fooled everyone I know!