Wednesday, July 15, 2009

La Farfalla in Escondido

La Farfalla is a small restaurant in Escondido. The owner is very sensitive to all food allergies including gluten. Here is the review from fellow GF diner Tehara:

"We have eaten at this restaurant 3 times in the past month. Not once have we been disappointed. Portions are quite big, my husband and I even shared a meatball dinner the other night and we could hardly finish it all. Our daughter is Celiac and can't eat any gluten, Terry has gluten free items and if we call ahead she is willing start a fresh pot of water boiling so our daughter can have wonderful rice noodles for her pasta entree. The salads are out of this world. And check out the fresh bread, wow, oh! wow, yum! And gluten free chocolate chip cookies that rival and regular wheat flour cookie in town."

The restaurant is located at:

155 S Orange St

Escondido, CA 92025-4124
(760) 741-0835

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  1. I stopped by the La Farfalla Cafe yesterday after it was closed, but I had a chance to chat with the owner at length...great gal, and a first class cook! I know it's a hike for you, but when you get a chance stop in...her soups are GF, but she suggested if you want a sandwich it's best to call ahead because she doesn't always have her (homemade) GF bread...she gave me samples of her homemade choc chip cookies and cho zucchini cake...OMG, they were incredible!! Plus, for us non-cooking gals she will make just about anything you ask for take-out (she said her cinnamon rolls are incredible, and I believe her)

    Tomato Basil soup incredible (I could easily make a meal on that alone) plus Tuscan Bean Soup...she always keeps GF pasta on hand, so that is no problem, plus some beautiful salads...very charming and cozy cafe...glad to see you have put it on your blog...we want to help keep her in business--a very hardworking and kind woman...obviously doing this for the love of it--not for the money! (her two teenaged sons were swabbing down the kitchen when I was there!)