Saturday, September 5, 2009

Brown Rice Tortillas

I purchased these Brown Rice Tortillas from Trader Joe's. I used them for quesadillas and they weren't bad. They are definitely a little tougher and chewier than regular flour tortillas but they are not crumbly at all. You could use them for a burrito and have no problems with it falling apart. They were pretty reasonably priced, I think $2.99 for a pack of six. They are a nice alternative to corn tortillas and are much larger in size.


  1. I am absolutely in love with the La Tortilla Teff wraps. Ever had them? They're super pliable. I recently started a product review podcast:; you should check it out and let me know if there are any products we should review.

  2. I use these brown rice tortillas to make mini pizzas. I put them in the toaster oven and they get very crisp. Baking them takes away some of the chewy-ness that you mentioned.