Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Gluten Free Cupcakes in La Jolla

A reader let me know about this place and I haven't tried it yet but from the photos, it looks AMAZING. According to their website, they have several gluten free flavors - check the daily calendar for availability - including choco libre, limone ricotta, harvest, raspberry cheesecake and more!

7857 Girard Ave, La Jolla, CA 92037



  1. I tried the Choco Loco cupcake and was not impressed. The cupcake itself was not sweet enough and the cream filling was not sweet at all. Finally, it had hard chocolatey stuff on top instead of frosting:( hopefully their other gf cupcakes are better.

  2. Have to say I have tried three different kinds are they are not very good. Cupcakes Squared in Point Loma is hands down so much better tasting.

  3. I highly recommend the Limone Ricotta cup. If you haven't tried that one, you really should give it a shot - sooooo yummy! (and I don't even like lemon desserts!)

  4. These GF cupcakes are delicious! I recommend the Bottoms Up GF cupcake. It's amazing, especially if you like chocolate and cream cheese.

  5. I am gluten free and ran into Cups after visiting Puesto (taco place, they're GREAT too) next block over. I had their PB cupcake with was SOOO good! I still dream of it! :)