Tuesday, September 21, 2010

GF bread at Chargers Games!!

Gluten Not Included Bakery (http://gnibakery.com/) is supplying GF hamburger buns and GF hot dog buns plus other GF snacks to the "Gluten Free Zone" - a concession stand at the main entrance to the stadium.

Now you can enjoy the football game AND eat burgers and hot dogs along with everyone else!!

Let's support this stand so that gluten free foods become more widely available at events like these!



  1. GNI products also available at PETCO Park, Sea World and Legoland.

  2. i had one of the burgers at the Padre game...sad to say...expensive but not good:(

  3. I had the hot dog and gluten free beer. Didn't taste that different from the "normal" food. Maybe I was just excited to have a dog and a beer at the game.

  4. I had the hot dog and although the bun fell apart a little, it still tasted really good. And it was definitely nice to have a food option available at the stadium.