Sunday, November 23, 2008

Healthy Mexican Food in University Heights!

This is the most delicious and healthiest Mexican restaurant I have found in San Diego so far! They have a very large menu with lots of traditional Mexican items plus lots of unusual combinations like a Seafood Chimichanga! I usually stick with the chicken and beef enchiladas using corn tortillas of course! The food is all fresh and made to order, so allow a five minute wait for your food. They have fountain drinks so lots of free refills! The only downside is that the seating area is somewhat small and is often crowded, so either go early or late to avoid the pack, or get your food to go. Parking is never a problem in University Heights. Since becoming gluten free, I have found that Mexican food is my friend, however, it is still necessary to be careful. Depending on your sensitivity, it may bother you if corn and flour tortillas are cooked on the same grill. Also, some restaurants marinate their fajita meat in sauces that contain wheat gluten - so always ask!

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