Sunday, November 23, 2008

Rice Chex is gluten free.

This is the first cereal I have found in the regular section (i.e. not the organic section) of the grocery store. General Mills certify that it is Gluten Free which is nice. I appreciate that there is a more affordable cereal option, however, I find Rice Chex to be a little bland. I miss Rice Krispies, but unfortunately, they contain malt (which contains wheat gluten), so I can no longer enjoy them. However, this is a good breakfast back-up. I found that Rice Chex is cheapest at Target.

Corn flakes also unfortunately contain malt flavor (which unless it says it is corn malt, is usually made from wheat). I have tried an organic version of corn flakes that are gluten free but they just did not stand up to the flavor and texture of regular corn flakes.


  1. My partner has been on a gluten-free diet for years and we've learned how to make lots of things that would otherwise take wheat. If you like cheesecake with a graham cracker crust, you can use Rice Chex instead. You crush them, add melted butter (or marg) and brown sugar. Mmmmmm, I think it's better than the graham crust. We've served this many times over the years and it's consistently gotten good reviews. Also works well as the base for a key lime pie.

    BTW, your experience with getting diagnosed is one that my mother-in-law had maybe 40 years ago. She even went to the Cleveland Clinic for tests that were inconclusive. It was only after she went on the diet, without having the docs tell her to do so, that she got better. So, good for you in taking charge for your own health!

    Fortunately for you, there's a whole burgeoning food awareness around GF foods. It's been quite nice to see this, after 25+ years of
    having to deal with a GF diet. We've even got a 1/2 way decent
    GF bakery in town, it's called The Silly Yak (

    Good luck with your GF diet!

  2. That's a great tip - thank you!! I miss graham cracker crust so I will definitely try the rice chex crust!!