Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Vegetarian Lentils & Beans

I found this stuff at Costco. It is called Madras Lentils and is made by a company called Tasty Bite. It is a beans and lentils mixture in a tomato based sauce and is certified gluten-free! It is very tasty with rice and pretty high in protein too. It has a sort of Indian theme to it, but it isn't spicy. For the lazy among us, i.e. me, Tasty Bite also sells precooked basmati rice in a 2 serving pouch. You microwave it for 90 seconds and voila, perfectly cooked white rice. The two in combination are very good and you get two meals for about $4.00. I assume they sell this at regular grocery stores or Whole Foods but I haven't actually seen it there yet. However, don't buy their multigrain rice pilaf because it does contain wheat.

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