Friday, February 13, 2009

Gluten Free Dining at Healthy Creations

The gluten free dining out group had a great time making food and enjoying appetizers at Healthy Creations last night! I made the gnocchi in a vodka sauce, the Tuscan veggie pizza, the BBQ chicken pizza and the Asparagas Tomato Gouda Frittata. I know the BBQ chicken pizza is super yummy because it was one of the appetizers and I am excited to try the other things. I will post reviews as soon as I have eaten them. If anyone got different entrees, please comment below or email me your thoughts.


  1. the yellow cake is good but it is more like pound cake, than spongy yellow cake. However, it is really good if you soak it in something like a liquor or evaporated milk, or even apple sauce.

  2. I just had the frittata with GF english muffins. the muffins feel heavy until you heat them then they become lighter and fluffier. The frittata is very tasty.