Wednesday, February 4, 2009

A good frozen pizza

I was very pleasantly surprised at Amy's Gluten Free, Non-Dairy Spinach Pizza. I have had various gluten free frozen pizzas and typically the rice crust is not the greatest - kind of dry and spongy. However, Amy's has managed to well season the crust so you don't even notice it is a rice crust. There is so much flavor in this pizza that I wouldn't even notice it was gluten free. I was also a little wary of the soy cheese as I usually don't eat soy cheese, however, it was fine. It doesn't really melt as well, but as far as flavor, it is fine. The only downside is the "servings." Amy's claims that this pizza constitutes three servings but I had a hard time making it into two servings! It cost $9.99 from Whole Foods so for me it was $5/meal. Overall, I would buy this pizza again - it only takes 15 minutes in the oven and makes for a tasty meal.

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