Friday, February 13, 2009

The Pure Pantry Pancake & Baking Mix

The Pure Pantry's Pancake and Baking Mix makes delicious buckwheat pancakes and waffles. For those who miss the rich hearty flavor of whole wheat and whole grain, then buckwheat is for you. Buckwheat is not actually wheat and is safe for including as part a gluten free diet. The pancake mix is easy to use just like regular commercial pancake mix, but this one is of course gluten free. The mix can also be used for other baking needs. The mix makes great waffles and I doubt anyone would realize it is gluten free. There is also an original buttermilk flavored mix for those who prefer a more traditional pancake. The Pure Pantry is a company founded by a local SoCal resident who also lives gluten free. It is available at Healthy Creations and the Leucadia Farmer's Market.

For more information regarding purchasing the mix, contact the company's founder, Elizabeth Kaplan at:


  1. I've tried the buttermilk pancake mix and it makes airy yummy pancakes. I used the same mix to make cupcakes by following the pancake instructions, adding a little extra sugar ,vanilla or almond essence and then baking them. The cupcakes were moist and tasty!

  2. I have used the mix to make cakes and muffins.
    I like it a lot better than Pamela's because it tastes better and it is organic.