Sunday, February 15, 2009

online gluten free goods

Tired of going to Whole Foods only to find that they are out of your chosen product? A good friend recommended and they have 223 gluten free foods. They also seem cheaper than Whole Foods and other specialty stores. I will place an order soon and see how it works out.|1

if link doesn't work, go to, then food and grocery, then gluten free food


  1. Hi Debbie,

    I don't know how to post these comments because I don't have a url or a google account but thank you for your blog. I have celiac and wanted to mention that sometimes prepared enchilada sauces have wheat. It is crazy the things that contain wheat. I have been Gluten Free for about seven months.

    This past month I found "Back To Nature" Rice Thins. I got them at Sprouts in San Marcos. In my opinion I like these much better than the Mary's brand (sorry Mary).

    Best, Barbara

  2. Thanks for reading the blog Barbara! I will have to check out the Back to Nature Rice Thins.