Saturday, February 7, 2009

Uno's Chicago Grill

Last night I tried Uno's Gluten-free pizza. They have two gluten-free
pizzas on their menu: cheese and pepperoni. The menu states that they
have more items on their gluten-free menu. I didn't look at this so I don't know what else they offer. The photo to the right shows the gluten-free pizza at the bottom and their regular personal pan pizza at the top. The gluten-free crust is a thin crust. It actually tasted pretty good, although it was somewhat reminiscent of a pita bread crust. The toppings, however, were very disappointing. I ordered the pepperoni pizza but it was incredibly bland. The pepperoni itself was okay, but the cheese and tomato sauce had no flavor. Maybe they left out all herbs and spices in their quest to avoid gluten? Although tomato and cheese are typically hard to mess up! The pizza cost approx. $11 and was enough for two servings. Although it was nice to actually be able to order something on a regular menu, I don't think I'll be back unless they add some more flavor to their gf pizza.

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